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Nov 9, 2012 1:00pm PST
confident that the cia will continue to thrive and carry out its essential mission. i want to bring in, first of all, nbc's mike viqueira, who is live for us at the white house. mike, his letter cites his personal indiscretion. >> reporter: yes. >> but is there any indication that there could have been some backstory to this? perhaps some threat of blackmail that may have prompted him to take this action? >> reporter: none whatsoever at this point, martin. at this point -- and details are still emerging, but you have to take this at face value. there are so few real surprises that we find anymore in washington in the lives of public officials. this certainly ranks among them. all day long ang dre ya mitchell who first broke the story, there was indication that something was up with general petraeus. you would get speculation about benghazi. and then came that statement from general petraeus that you just read saying that he had an extramarital affair and he had tendered his resignation. it turns out that happened yesterday here at the white house. he came to visit the president. he off
Nov 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
. with headlines dominated today by the abrupt resignation of cia director david petraeus over an extramarital affair. some lawmakers are now calling for an inquiry. we're now learning that high-level officials at the fbi and the justice department were notified in late summer that fbi agents had uncovered the affair that led to petraeus' downfall. it all started in early june when a florida woman named jill kelley pictures here with her husband, petraeus, and his wife, alerted agents to e-mails she described as e-mails. they told kelley, a petraeus family friend, to stop socializing with generals. those anonymous e-mails led investigators to paula broadwell and evidence of the affair. now some lawmakers are asking why the fbi didn't inform them or the white house sooner. >> we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. this is something that could have had an effect on national skur security. i think we should have been told. >> it seems this was going on for several months, and yet now it appear that is they're saying that the fbi didn't realize until election day that general
Nov 16, 2012 1:00pm PST
is a -- was a cia operation at an outpost, and the criticism that the republicans seem to be making is that the reason that the attacks were successful was because someone had failed to provide enough security personnel. given that it's a cia operation, it seems to me that if there is going to be criticism about the lack of security personnel, the criticism would fall on the cia, not the white house. so the idea that the white house would be blackmailing petraeus to shield them from criticism is absurd given the fact if there will be any criticism at the end of the day, the criticism is likely to be on the cia. so this is just so fanciful and so ridiculous and idiotic on so many different levels it's hard to know where to start. >> right. fair enough. dana, i want to play for you two pieces of sound, both from republican congressmen peter king. the first is from last night before today's hearing where mr. king sounded ready to sac the whole white house. take a listen. >> so when the president says that susan rice was giving out -- talking about the most updated and -- fully document
Nov 14, 2012 1:00pm PST
were perfectly and entirely consistent with the intelligence that she was getting from the cia. when we believed that the attacks were a spontaneous protest and reaction to the video. what we've learned since then was that two things may have been happening. one, the spontaneous protests could have been occurring while an al qaeda-like organization was also planning an attack and trying to take advantage of the unrest that occurred as a result of the video. so, both things could have -- both things are likely to have been accurate. but the fact of the matter is that susan rice's comments were entirely consistent with the intelligence that she was getting from the cia at the time. and republicans tried to scandalize her on fast and furious. it turns out they were wrong on the facts. they've gone away from that. they tried to attack the president on solyndra. you don't hear anything else about that. they were wrong on the facts. and i bet you a dollar to a doughnut here, as soon as the republicans are forced to actually back up their rhetoric in a committee hearing, they will see they hav
Nov 15, 2012 1:00pm PST
the press" and elsewhere days after the september 11th attacks because she was by the cia's own admission relaying the information, the latest intelligence, as provided by the cia. many people obviously have problems with the way this went down, with the way information was disseminated, and that's still being hashed out and it will continue to be hashed out when we're likely to see the former director of cia, david petraeus, on the hill behind closed doors. whether or not they actually go through with the susan rice nomination to succeed hillary clinton, we don't know at this point. i certainly think that they would not shy away from the fight if they thought that susan rice was the best person for that nomination. >> did you not get the impression yesterday, mike, that that was the implication of the president's assertion that he really does want to appoint her and he will push it through? >> well, you know, that was a lot of the chatter behind closed doors leading up to the president's very passionate defense of her yesterday. you know, it's no secret that john kerry not only was inter
Nov 2, 2012 1:00pm PDT
're watching fox. you're hearing about a state department, the cia does nothing. >> you are misleading the american people. >> at least we don't live in swing state hell. >> jeep, now owned by the italians, is thinking of moving all production to china. >> the biggest load of bull in the world. >> why do you say these things, mi romney? >> joe biden is using his teeth to illuminate hoboken. >> find that special someone in the early voting line. >> our destiny is in the hands of the american people. >> i will fight for you and your family every single day as hard as i know how. >> let's get to our panel, dana 34i8 bank is political columnist for "the washington post" and toure is my colleague and the co-host of "the cycle." desperate mitt, desperate measures. in your column this week you write, when the stakes are high, as they are for mr. romney, it must win ohio, the truth is often the first casualty. does that explain mr. romney's completely dishonest and disturbing ad about chrysler moving jobs from ohio to china? >> well, martin, this was a pattern even before and something i was p
Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
from the cia. now general allen's nomination to be the supreme commander of nato is on hold. what is the white house saying about general allen's situation, and is it possible that we could lose another senior commander to this scandal? >> well, look, it's certainly possible, but i think that the white house is taking a wait and see approach. today white house press secretary jay carney expressing the fact that the white house, the president, still has confidence in general allen. they want this investigation to play itself out. they're not going to snap to judgment. having said that, martin, i think it's safe to say that the president on down certainly stunned by these developments. not expecting this to be the focus of news reports in the days and weeks after the president gained re-election. so i think the white house is waiting to see how this investigation plays itself out, but they are certainly not pleased by what has been going on which started, of course, last week with general petraeus and now includes general allen. >> the president is planning to hold a press conferenc
Nov 19, 2012 1:00pm PST
footage we have. >> loser people try to have affairs in the digital age, the head of the cia couldn't get away with it. >> who does the cooking at your house? >> my wife. >> somebody told me you didn't have the apron on basting the turkeys. >> we're not going anywhere and you got a home boy in the deal. >> we're fuelly supportive of israel's right to defend itself. >> you believe the president deliberately mislead the american people about the true -- >> no. >> she could start out by publicly saying i was wrong. that might be a beginning. >> would you accept a deal that does not include tax rate increases for the wealthy? >> no. >> i believe republicans will yield a bit on top rates. president obama ran twice on this platform and he won. >> we're not the party trying to protect the rich. >> we have to show we're serious about reaching out and helping everyone. >> and we also don't need to be saying stupid things. >> it keeps digging a hole for the republican party. if we don't stop digging we're never going to get out of it. >> this would be like walmart having a bad week and saying the c
Nov 20, 2012 1:00pm PST
of the nation, and it's reported that after resigning as head of the cia, general petraeus has expressed deep regret for failing to live up to his own standards. but, in fact, general petraeus now shares something in common with perhaps britain's finest war hero of all time. admiral lord nelson of the royal navy. yesterday a love letter written by lord nelson to his mistress emma hamilton was sold at auction for almost $32,000. the letter which historians say was written sometime between november 1801 and january 1802 marked the birth of their illegitimate daughter soon after the affair had become public. in the letter lord nelson is unabashed about his affections. my dear lady, i will never retract one syllable i uttered or one thought i fell. never will i sate tamely and see you, my dear friend, neglected or insulted. he then signs the letter, your most sincere and affectionate nelson. lord nelson, who was wounded several times in combat losing an arm and the sight in one eye, provoked further displeasure when upon returning from sea he refused to give up his mistress. he would go on to lea
Nov 27, 2012 1:00pm PST
with the information that she was given by the cia? >> not only is it illogical, it is counterproductive because they're putting the president in a position of saying he's going to nominate her if he wasn't before because now he's not going to look like he's caving in or backing down. so they're going to achieve the exact opposite of what they're purporting to want. >> absolutely astonishing. goldie, conservatives, as we know, are attacking ambassador rice for admitting that the initial intelligence was wrong in one respect, that there was no process in benghazi, but she's admitted that the intelligence has evolved. so why is that so hard for them to accept? or is it because this is a proxy war against the president and they'll use anyone they can find? >> you know, it is a proxy war, but i have got to tell you that john mccain went live and said that if susan rice came to him and said she was wrong about that assertion, then he would be satisfied. well, in fact, she did say that today. she said it in a private meeting with him, with ayotte, and senator graham, that she was wrong in that assertion bu
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)